EVERYDAY, A COLOUR // Kenderdine Art Gallery


Everyday, A Colour at the Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Sasaktchewan, September 2016

Source – https://vimeo.com/267048046


Everyday, A Colour

This project Everyday, A Colour is part of the exhibition MONO/CHROMATIC with Tammi Campbell at the Kenderdine and College Art Galleries at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.  Curated by Leah Taylor, Everyday, A Colour reflects re-visited places from my childhood, while also considering larger frameworks, such as the rapidly changing cityscape, and local Modernist painting histories. I recorded my immediate surroundings by a adding a new layer of coloured paint to the walls, each day, for thirty consecutive days, building up to create an immersive (yet temporal) installation. Comprised of geometric forms created by masking off of areas, what has emerged is a visual map, loosely representing the topographic geography of Saskatchewan.  

Source – https://youtu.be/Ll3JMgqy0zk