ON & ON: a Collaboration of Modular Prints

  • The Aesthetic Union 555 Alabama Street, SF, CA 94110 San Francisco, CA USA

ON&ON is a letterpress print collaboration featuring six bay area artists and designers printed in house by us at The Aesthetic Union. Each of the artists were asked to create a unique piece to be duplicated and tiled together creating an ongoing motif to be carried throughout multiples. The work cohesively explores themes of pattern, repetition, reflection, rotation… the list goes on & on.

Participating Artists

Kindah Khalidy (http://kindahkhalidy.com/)

Brendan Monroe (http://brendanmonroe.tumblr.com/)

Sean Newport (http://www.sean-newport.com/)

Heather Phillips (http://heatherkphillips.com/)

Leah Rosenberg (http://www.leahrosenberg.com/)

Megan Sanguinetti (http://www.sanguinetti.us/)

The Aesthetic Union // 555 Alabama St, San Francisco, California 94110